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iconraven wrote in bibasleftovers

Please come again when I've re-opened my shop :3

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Does that Politoed keychain really go for that much? ;o; It's very much on my want list, but I had no idea how much it'd go for. This is only the second one I've seen around so I imagine they're not very common, adding to the value. If only I had moneyyy... I hope that I can either find another one, or that li'l guy stays there until I can get him. XD Sorry for the kinda pointless post. Good luck with your sales! ♥

Yeah, I'm not sure @__@ I think he's one of the more uncommon and more rare TOMY keychains because I've never seen him for sale before.

I'm taking best offers for him as well :3 Would you like to shoot me an offer?

Pfffffffff it's you! I didn't notice the name. XD Make that one Politoed keychain, haha. I saw it in your collection before and that's how I found out it existed. :3

Trust me, I would love to offer on him, but I have absolutely no money. ;_; I spent the leftover I was trying to save on a reject Turtwig doll that screamed BUY ME earlier. Maybe I could bug around for him as a birthday present, haha. I'm not sure who I could convince to pay $10 for a keychain though. orz Would it be at all impossible to accept $10 shipped to Canada? Or even in the $12 range (I think average shipping for small figures to Canada is $3.50 or something, but you'd had to check)? That might be easier to ask for. XD I'm really not trying to underprice him or lowball you or anything, so I hope it doesn't seem like that. If I had the money myself I'd pay anything for a 'toed. <33

I'm not totally familiar with how best offers go yet; do people usually wait around a certain amount of time and see whose offer they like more, or just take the first price they get if it's good enough?

LOL no worries XD I remembered you from your icon! <3

I could do $12 shipped actually :3 Would that work for you?

@best offers, that tends to happen, but as no one has expressed interest in him, I'd much rather see him go to you :3 I was actually hoping you'd ask for him because I knew you wanted him XD <3

Gotta love my powertoed icon! <3 XD

Awww, that made me smile lots. XD I would take such good care of him, guaranteed♥♥ I've been eyeballing him since you last advertised this post to the comm, actually, haha. That sounds like a reasonable price to me, I'll just have to get back to you on if I can give someone the puppy dog eyes long enough. e_e Do you mind holding onto him just for tonight? I'll be able to get an answer by the morning, for sure. :)

Definitely! :3 I'll put him on hold for you right now! <3

Squee!! My boyfriend gave in, knowing my frog love, and said he'd get him for me! I've got the money ready. ;w; Where shall I send it to?

Haha, I almost feel a little teary. I didn't think I'd be able to get this cutie for a long time. <3 It feels nice to be the one from you in particular, too, since he was the first and only one I saw. XD Thank you so, so much! I'll take the best care of him ever, I promise >w

Oh yay! You have such a nice boyfriend XD <33

Please send $12 to jorjafoxluv [@] and please include your username and what you bought in the memo :3

Awww! <3 I'm so happy you ended up with him! I'm sure you will take good care of him :3 I'd love to see pictures of him with you once you get him!

I definitely do, haha. He gives in to all of my frog whims (of which there are many). XD;

I just sent it! Thank you again! There will be many, many pictures, trust me, haha! I got my first ever Politoed things in the mail this week so I was thinking of making a collection post once the last one gets here (a Kid <3), and this little cutie is next to be expected along with a couple custom Politoed amigurumi so they can go in a second post when they come in. ;w; He will be treasured! Can you let me know when you ship him out? <3

And as an aside, if you get a sec could you give me some feedback here? <3 It's really important to me to have positive transactions with everyone. :D

I'm sure! XD

Awww, first collection posts are a big deal :3 I remember when I did my first one, and it was a huge deal to me XD Ooh, I can't wait to see all your 'toed stuffs in one post! :3

Thank you, received! I've packed him up now :3 I should be sending him out later today, but I'll let you know when I do!

Of course! Feedback left <3

Yes, I'm so excited! I don't have very much Politoed yet -- (almost) three official items in my hands, plus one of my own customs -- but I think it's enough for my first update. XD I was also thinking of digging in the basement for my old Pokemon things, particularly a massive unknown Charmander plush that I think is on the PokePlushProject here (at least, it looks like it from memory) that might be somewhat interesting to someone, haha.

It's even more exciting knowing he's ready for his trip and will be on his way soon. ;w; Seriously, I just went to make some food and I brought Nori (the loved UFO 'toed I bought and haven't been able to put down since receiving him) with me to the kitchen because I needed to squeeze him and twirl him around with me in my excitement, also because 1). he is also a Politoed and 2). he looks as happy as I feel. XD SO EXCITED.

Thank you so much for the nice feedback as well! I really appreciate it! :D I can give you some the moment he arrives if you'd like. ♥♥

Of course it is! :3 You should totally get the Jakks Politoed plush, he is DARLING. I've only seen pictures of him, but he's one of the best-looking Jakks plushies imho :3

Wow, that is one BIG Charmander! XD I'm sure if you auctioned him you'd get a pretty penny :3

He is indeed ready for his trip! Sitting on my desk as we speak. Grumplestiltskin is watching him carefully:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Awwwww, that is so sweet! XD I know the feeling of getting that one item and not being able to put it down. That's the way I was (and am) with my Arceus pokedoll :3

You're very welcome! <3 Thank you, that would be great :3

Ohhh, I know! Isn't it adorable looking? I almost got one twice, but one was too expensive at the time and the seller of the second one never replied to me. D: I was also looking to get one last week but there wasn't much response to my wants post and I ended up ordering the custom amigurumi instead, haha. I'll definitely be getting him as soon as I can, he looks so precious. XD

Haha, yeah, I've been wondering how much he'd go for if I did decide on it. The only problem is that I get really attached to things, and even though I don't collect Charmander or have any particular fondness for him, I do love that Charmander, you know? XD But I do go back and forth, since I know there are people who like Charmander and could love him more than me. I'll have to see how I feel. :)

HAHAHAHA, OH MAN. That photo made my night almost as much as Politoed himself. XD Grumplestiltskin looks jealous of Politoed's trip. <3 Aren't those grumpy pokedolls the cutest things? They look so mad that they were made to be adorable. XD I want so many of them for Pokemon I don't have any particular interest in just because they're so grumpycute! (Giratina, anyone?)

You totally should, even I want one! XD

Oh I know exactly what you mean XD After you have things for a while, you just get attached to them, and associate them with certain things, and if you're like me, it's silly things like, "...I looked at that plush after finals week!" XD

Yay, I'm glad it did! XD He does indeed! He wants to go to Canada Land! I told him if he kept making that face it'd get stuck that wa-- oh wait, never mind @___@

I KNOW! XD They're so grumpy and adorable! I want Giratina as well <3 Oh grumpy dragon you will be miiiine. I just bought a Reshiram pokedoll today. SOOOO excited! <33

We shall get them one day and be Jakkstoed buddies! XD

Hahaha, I'm the same way, for sure. It can be as simple as "but it's so squishy/soft!" XD Though with that Charmander, I've had him for yeeeears, so there's the childhood nostalgia. He was one of the biggest plushies I had as a kid. I remember him getting put away when we moved, and I found him again a few years later and was all, "I remember him being bigger." XD Ahh, growing up sucks! I can't even remember where I got him from, but I think it was a secondhand store. I've been meaning to ask my mom if she remembers. XD

Oh, you just keep making me burst into laughter. XD Poor Arceus (maybe?)! I didn't even really want the Giratina pokedoll until someone posted a photo of theirs (forget who) from the very front, and it had the biggest scowl on its face, and I just went AWWWWWW. XD Oooohh, congrats on the Reshi!! <33 They're so lovely and adorable! *_*

(Also, I am sorry for cluttering up the comments of your sales, haha!)

Politoed was shipped today! <3 Please let me know when you get him :3

YAAAY! Thank you so much! :D I'll let you know the second he's in my hands! >w< I will eagerly await his arrival and prepare an awesome welcoming committee, haha!

Yaaay! <3 Your excitement always makes me excited! XD I'd looooove to see a photostory of the 'toeds waiting for their new companion <3

YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED! IT'S POLITOED TIEM! XD Haha, that'd actually be really fun. I've never really thought of doing a photo story before! I'll have to plan while he does his travelling. :D

TOTALLY! XD Oh my, you'll be addicted to doing photo stories XD They're soooo much fun :3

I thought it appropriate to reply here that I opened Politoed on the 29th! HE'S SO CUTE OMG. XD I love him to pieces, and he looks darling on my shelf with his 'toedy brethren. ;o; He makes me so happy every time I look at him. He means a ton to me. Thank you so much! <33 Your note made me really happy too! :D Would you like feedback anywhere? ♥

YAY!! <33 I was waiting to hear back from you! XD I'm SO happy you love him! <3 I'd love to see a group picture of all your new 'toeds if you have one :3

I would love some! Here's my feedback post :3

Have I left you some already? I can't remember XD


Yeah, sorry it took me a bit. XD I was hoping to post my photostory today but it's taken a while to sort out the pictures, haha. Plus I was busy the last two days making sure I won Camp NaNoWriMo, but now it's over so I get to relax. :D I also intend to swap LJ accounts but I was hoping to hear back from Gin before posting about that, but I don't think she checks e-mail much. XD

I absolutely adore the little guy! I have yet to take a group photo, but I do have this teaser:


Feedback has been left! And you have indeed left me some, no worries! :D Thanks so much again ♥

Oh awesome! Congratulations on your win! <3 I'm sure you deserved it :3 If you swap LJ accounts, definitely let me know! =D I'd love to friend you <3

EEEEEEE so cute! <3 He looks right at home with the other 'toeds. Can't wait to see what others you got for your birthday :3

And thank you so much dear! I'm very glad he ended up with you in the end <3

Thank you so much! <3 And I just realized I'm still logged into my new account, so hey, here's my username, haha. XD

The post will be up soon, so you won't have to wait too much longer~ :D

So am I! ;o; It still makes me squee. XD

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