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bidoof; ???
iconraven wrote in bibasleftovers

Please come again when I've re-opened my shop :3

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No problem! :3 Someone above you has expressed interest in Flareon, Blastoise, Lt. Surge's Raichu, Dark Raichu, Mr. Mime and Clefairy, but if they decide to pass, I'll let you know :3 I have a non-holo Mr. Mime if you'd like that instead!

For the others, Nidoking is free with purchase because of the bad shape he's in. Your total would be $16.50 plus $7 shipping for $23.50. If you'd like, I can throw in the Clefable Burger King card for free! If this is okay, please send payment to jorjafoxluv [at] and please leave your username and what you bought in the memo. Thanks! <3

I would'nt mind the non holo Mr Mime, I also saw there were 2 clefairys? Sorry for the extra hypno comment after you responded, it didn't show up in my hotmail yet that you had. I don't mind waiting for a responce from the others, if you don't mind holding onto the ones i've asked for untill they respond? :)

Oh I meant by I saw 2 clefairys as in would I could have the second and the other person could have the first, sorry if my words seem scattered I am a bit anxious about getting these for my collection :)

No problem! I can hold them for you until I get a response and then I'll let you know what happens! The other potential buyer is interested in both Clefairys, but I'll let you know if they decide to change their minds!

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it ^^ and yeah ask em about the both clefairys, they may have made a typo :)

Oh! And one more thing, did you want Pidgeot or Pidgeotto? I just want to know so I know which one to mark as on hold ^^

And I'm so sorry, I just realized someone else was interested in Machamp also D: So without Machamp the total will be $24.50 instead of $25.50 with the added non-holo Mr. Mime if the other cards all become available. I'm sorry about that D: If they pass on Machamp I'll let you know!

Oh sorry, I want Pidgeotto, I made a typo :P and yes I'd like the machamp so ill wait untill they respond for that also :) Thankyou!

No problem! I'll put him on hold for you ^^

Machamp has become available! I'll put him on hold for you as well ^^ Still waiting for replies on the others, though!

thanks a bunch ^^ Ill be waiting patiently :)

Hello! I notice the other clefairy is now available, so i'd like to finalize my order :) so what would the total be for:

Dark Slowbro
Nidoking (free)
Mewtwo (not the promo) next to dark arbok
Mr Mime
and the Venonat topps card, to Canada! :)

Your total would be $18.50 plus $6 shipping (I need to buy more card sleeves, sorry D:) for a total of $24.50! If that's okay, please send payment to jorjafoxluv [@] and please include what you bought and your username in the memo ^^

Payment sent ! Thanks a bunch :D <3

Excellent! <3 Thank you muchly! I should be able to ship them out in a little bit with some other items. Where can I leave feedback for you? :3

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