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bidoof; ???
iconraven wrote in bibasleftovers

Please come again when I've re-opened my shop :3

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Does that Politoed keychain really go for that much? ;o; It's very much on my want list, but I had no idea how much it'd go for. This is only the second one I've seen around so I imagine they're not very common, adding to the value. If only I had moneyyy... I hope that I can either find another one, or that li'l guy stays there until I can get him. XD Sorry for the kinda pointless post. Good luck with your sales! ♥

Yeah, I'm not sure @__@ I think he's one of the more uncommon and more rare TOMY keychains because I've never seen him for sale before.

I'm taking best offers for him as well :3 Would you like to shoot me an offer?

Pfffffffff it's you! I didn't notice the name. XD Make that one Politoed keychain, haha. I saw it in your collection before and that's how I found out it existed. :3

Trust me, I would love to offer on him, but I have absolutely no money. ;_; I spent the leftover I was trying to save on a reject Turtwig doll that screamed BUY ME earlier. Maybe I could bug around for him as a birthday present, haha. I'm not sure who I could convince to pay $10 for a keychain though. orz Would it be at all impossible to accept $10 shipped to Canada? Or even in the $12 range (I think average shipping for small figures to Canada is $3.50 or something, but you'd had to check)? That might be easier to ask for. XD I'm really not trying to underprice him or lowball you or anything, so I hope it doesn't seem like that. If I had the money myself I'd pay anything for a 'toed. <33

I'm not totally familiar with how best offers go yet; do people usually wait around a certain amount of time and see whose offer they like more, or just take the first price they get if it's good enough?

LOL no worries XD I remembered you from your icon! <3

I could do $12 shipped actually :3 Would that work for you?

@best offers, that tends to happen, but as no one has expressed interest in him, I'd much rather see him go to you :3 I was actually hoping you'd ask for him because I knew you wanted him XD <3

Gotta love my powertoed icon! <3 XD

Awww, that made me smile lots. XD I would take such good care of him, guaranteed♥♥ I've been eyeballing him since you last advertised this post to the comm, actually, haha. That sounds like a reasonable price to me, I'll just have to get back to you on if I can give someone the puppy dog eyes long enough. e_e Do you mind holding onto him just for tonight? I'll be able to get an answer by the morning, for sure. :)

Definitely! :3 I'll put him on hold for you right now! <3

Squee!! My boyfriend gave in, knowing my frog love, and said he'd get him for me! I've got the money ready. ;w; Where shall I send it to?

Haha, I almost feel a little teary. I didn't think I'd be able to get this cutie for a long time. <3 It feels nice to be the one from you in particular, too, since he was the first and only one I saw. XD Thank you so, so much! I'll take the best care of him ever, I promise >w

Oh yay! You have such a nice boyfriend XD <33

Please send $12 to jorjafoxluv [@] and please include your username and what you bought in the memo :3

Awww! <3 I'm so happy you ended up with him! I'm sure you will take good care of him :3 I'd love to see pictures of him with you once you get him!

Politoed was shipped today! <3 Please let me know when you get him :3

YAAAY! Thank you so much! :D I'll let you know the second he's in my hands! >w< I will eagerly await his arrival and prepare an awesome welcoming committee, haha!

Yaaay! <3 Your excitement always makes me excited! XD I'd looooove to see a photostory of the 'toeds waiting for their new companion <3

YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED! IT'S POLITOED TIEM! XD Haha, that'd actually be really fun. I've never really thought of doing a photo story before! I'll have to plan while he does his travelling. :D

TOTALLY! XD Oh my, you'll be addicted to doing photo stories XD They're soooo much fun :3

I thought it appropriate to reply here that I opened Politoed on the 29th! HE'S SO CUTE OMG. XD I love him to pieces, and he looks darling on my shelf with his 'toedy brethren. ;o; He makes me so happy every time I look at him. He means a ton to me. Thank you so much! <33 Your note made me really happy too! :D Would you like feedback anywhere? ♥

YAY!! <33 I was waiting to hear back from you! XD I'm SO happy you love him! <3 I'd love to see a group picture of all your new 'toeds if you have one :3

I would love some! Here's my feedback post :3

Have I left you some already? I can't remember XD


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