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iconraven wrote in bibasleftovers

Please come again when I've re-opened my shop :3

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Ohhh, I know! Isn't it adorable looking? I almost got one twice, but one was too expensive at the time and the seller of the second one never replied to me. D: I was also looking to get one last week but there wasn't much response to my wants post and I ended up ordering the custom amigurumi instead, haha. I'll definitely be getting him as soon as I can, he looks so precious. XD

Haha, yeah, I've been wondering how much he'd go for if I did decide on it. The only problem is that I get really attached to things, and even though I don't collect Charmander or have any particular fondness for him, I do love that Charmander, you know? XD But I do go back and forth, since I know there are people who like Charmander and could love him more than me. I'll have to see how I feel. :)

HAHAHAHA, OH MAN. That photo made my night almost as much as Politoed himself. XD Grumplestiltskin looks jealous of Politoed's trip. <3 Aren't those grumpy pokedolls the cutest things? They look so mad that they were made to be adorable. XD I want so many of them for Pokemon I don't have any particular interest in just because they're so grumpycute! (Giratina, anyone?)

You totally should, even I want one! XD

Oh I know exactly what you mean XD After you have things for a while, you just get attached to them, and associate them with certain things, and if you're like me, it's silly things like, "...I looked at that plush after finals week!" XD

Yay, I'm glad it did! XD He does indeed! He wants to go to Canada Land! I told him if he kept making that face it'd get stuck that wa-- oh wait, never mind @___@

I KNOW! XD They're so grumpy and adorable! I want Giratina as well <3 Oh grumpy dragon you will be miiiine. I just bought a Reshiram pokedoll today. SOOOO excited! <33

We shall get them one day and be Jakkstoed buddies! XD

Hahaha, I'm the same way, for sure. It can be as simple as "but it's so squishy/soft!" XD Though with that Charmander, I've had him for yeeeears, so there's the childhood nostalgia. He was one of the biggest plushies I had as a kid. I remember him getting put away when we moved, and I found him again a few years later and was all, "I remember him being bigger." XD Ahh, growing up sucks! I can't even remember where I got him from, but I think it was a secondhand store. I've been meaning to ask my mom if she remembers. XD

Oh, you just keep making me burst into laughter. XD Poor Arceus (maybe?)! I didn't even really want the Giratina pokedoll until someone posted a photo of theirs (forget who) from the very front, and it had the biggest scowl on its face, and I just went AWWWWWW. XD Oooohh, congrats on the Reshi!! <33 They're so lovely and adorable! *_*

(Also, I am sorry for cluttering up the comments of your sales, haha!)

Totally! XD

Ahhhh, childhood memories XD "I remember him being bigger" LOL! XD I still have my Ancient Mew from the first movie promos. Oh those were good times :3 Stuff from childhood is the toughest to get rid of, for sure.

Hahahaha I'm glad! XD I know, I was the same way with Giratina, but it's just so grumpy @___@ I want a Palkia and Dialga too. They also have epic!grumpy faces XD Thank you! <33 I've wanted one ever since they came out but they're so expensive now @___@

LOL no worries, I enjoy chatting with other collectors :D

I remember that card and how much I wanted it, haha! I hope to get it sometime in the near future since I couldn't as a kid. It's so cool. XD I've still got that little plastic Lugia coin that came with the Pokemon 2000 VHS, hehe.

There's just something appealing and adorable about having the controllers of time and space sitting in the palms of your hands, looking like they hate everything. ;v; I hope you can get them! XD

Well then, yay! XD

You should totally get one, he's awesome :3 I still feel like that same excitement when I hold him in my hand as I did when I was a kid XD I actually thought he was the coolest, rarest, most ancient Mew artifact and that I would call forth Mew @___@ You got a coin!? No fair! XD I probably got the coin too and just lost it XD

I know, right? XD I especially love how Arceus' eyes follow you everywhere you go, like he wants to kill you every which way you move XD Thank you! :3

Haha, awww! I bet you could call Mew forth if you tried. <3 I love being a kid. XD Yup, just a somewhat poor quality yellow plastic thing, seen here:

(That was a difficult picture to get with flash on. XD) Although the paint job on Lugia is awesome. I've really liked coins since I was a kid and have a small random collection, so I pretty much got the movie just for that thing. XD

Hahaha, aww! The pokegod wants to be the pokegod of death now, and it's so cuuute. XD (I'm glad I don't own one or I'd probably be killed in my sleep tonight. :B)

I'm still a kid, really XD I don't think I'll ever stop being a kid <3

@____@ Coooooool. It's not ringing any bells, so I must not have gotten one with the movie XD

He's a big softie at heart <3 He goes to bed with me at night XD

I'm turning 22 next month and danced around my kitchen over purchasing a keychain of a frog pokemon. I don't think I'll ever stop being a kid either. XD *highfive*

It's pretty funky, yeah. XD I think I saw one in an old sales post since joining here for like $1 or something, so I'm sure they wouldn't be hard to get if you ever wanted one. :P

You are a very brave soul! XD I sleep with a pile of frog plushes (Politoeds, cartoon-style (I love my Princess and the Frog frog plushes!), and handmade), plus a handmade Cleffa and a big lion, as well as a handmade Sushi Cat. It sounds more crowded than it actually is. XD

*high-five* XD

Wow, that does sound crowded! XD

By the way, I have Politoed all bubbled and ready to go! I can't get to the post office until tomorrow, though. I hope that's okay :3 I'll let you know when I've shipped him! <3

That's perfectly fine! Thank you so much again. :D I get excited all over again thinking about him~ XD I just unearthed most of my old Pokemon collection today and I'm excited to get a place to display them, and have all these adorable Politoeds as the shining centre. ;w;

D'awww <3 I can't wait to see it :3

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