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bidoof; ???
iconraven wrote in bibasleftovers

Please come again when I've re-opened my shop :3

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Yaaay! <3 Your excitement always makes me excited! XD I'd looooove to see a photostory of the 'toeds waiting for their new companion <3

YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED! IT'S POLITOED TIEM! XD Haha, that'd actually be really fun. I've never really thought of doing a photo story before! I'll have to plan while he does his travelling. :D

TOTALLY! XD Oh my, you'll be addicted to doing photo stories XD They're soooo much fun :3

I thought it appropriate to reply here that I opened Politoed on the 29th! HE'S SO CUTE OMG. XD I love him to pieces, and he looks darling on my shelf with his 'toedy brethren. ;o; He makes me so happy every time I look at him. He means a ton to me. Thank you so much! <33 Your note made me really happy too! :D Would you like feedback anywhere? ♥

YAY!! <33 I was waiting to hear back from you! XD I'm SO happy you love him! <3 I'd love to see a group picture of all your new 'toeds if you have one :3

I would love some! Here's my feedback post :3

Have I left you some already? I can't remember XD


Yeah, sorry it took me a bit. XD I was hoping to post my photostory today but it's taken a while to sort out the pictures, haha. Plus I was busy the last two days making sure I won Camp NaNoWriMo, but now it's over so I get to relax. :D I also intend to swap LJ accounts but I was hoping to hear back from Gin before posting about that, but I don't think she checks e-mail much. XD

I absolutely adore the little guy! I have yet to take a group photo, but I do have this teaser:


Feedback has been left! And you have indeed left me some, no worries! :D Thanks so much again ♥

Oh awesome! Congratulations on your win! <3 I'm sure you deserved it :3 If you swap LJ accounts, definitely let me know! =D I'd love to friend you <3

EEEEEEE so cute! <3 He looks right at home with the other 'toeds. Can't wait to see what others you got for your birthday :3

And thank you so much dear! I'm very glad he ended up with you in the end <3

Thank you so much! <3 And I just realized I'm still logged into my new account, so hey, here's my username, haha. XD

The post will be up soon, so you won't have to wait too much longer~ :D

So am I! ;o; It still makes me squee. XD

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