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bidoof; ???
iconraven wrote in bibasleftovers

Please come again when I've re-opened my shop :3

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Oh awesome! :D Glad I could ^^

Certainly! :3 With shipping, your total is $7! If that's okay, please send payment to jorjafoxluv [at] and please include what you bought with your username in the memo :3 Thanks! <3

Sent! Thanks much. ^^

And as per the new rule, feedback.

Received, thank you! And feedback left :3
I'll try to ship them out later today, but if not, I'll get them out before the end of the week :3

Just wanted to let you know I got your items shipped out today :3 Please let me know when they arrive! <3

They arrived today, thank you! I left you some feedback too. :3

Oh awesome, thanks a lot! <3

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