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bidoof; ???
iconraven wrote in bibasleftovers

Please come again when I've re-opened my shop :3

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I am also interested in lt surge's raichu if its mint :D

Hi there! I just wanted to make sure that you knew some of these cards aren't in the best condition-- most are from my childhood when I was a total Pokemon Master in TCG and beat my brother like a boss XD Just wanted to make sure you knew :3

Hitmonchan on second to last page, do you mean the one next to Giratina? :3

And also, did you want both Clefairys and both Magnetons?

And Lt. Surge's Raichu is in great condition considering how he was handled and how old he is XD He's not mint, he has a few tiny scratches that honestly I didn't even notice until I took a picture with flash and uploaded it to my computer D: Here's a picture!

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I've circled the biggest scratches. If you'd like to pass, I totally understand ^^

And also, yes, Blastoise is still available :3

yay :D okay:

how much is the blastoise?
are any of the cards creased, heavily scratched or bent?
and yes, thats the hitmonchan I'm after :D

I also don't need the base set machamp anymore <3

Whoops, forgot to price Blastoise! XD He's a whopping $1!
Also, forgot to mention, Steelix is a holo rare, I accidentally said he was non-holo D:

Oh, and only one of the Magnetons is a holo (the yellow one). Just wanted to let you know ^^

None of them are bent or have creases to my knowledge. Most if not all have scratches, and the ones with the worst scratches are discounted at $0.50 each.

excellent ;D How much for shipping for all of themapart from:

non holo magneton
hitrmonchan base
one of the clefairy's

to the UK :D

I'm pretty sure I'll be taking those tho :D

Okie-doke! Without those, your total would be $11.50 plus $3 shipping for a total of $14.50! With the ones you omitted (Machamp, Hitmonchan, the second Clefairy and the non-holo Magneton) it would make the total an even $18 :) Let me know which one you'd rather do ^^

I'll take the first one please! :D where do I send? <3

$14.50? :D Please send to jorjafoxluv [@] and please include what you bought in the memo! <3

Received, thank you! <3 Where can I leave feedback for you? :3
I will get them shipped out tomorrow with everything else! <3

here you go!

be sure to let me know where to leave you feedback also ,3 thanks again!

Feedback left! <3 Thanks! :D

Everything was shipped today! <3 Please let me know when you get it :3

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