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iconraven's Pokemon Collection!
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Welcome to bibasleftovers! This is a community for me, iconraven, to post my various Pokemon collections and possibly some sales in the future. If you haven't already guessed, my main Pokemon collection focus is Bidoof and Bibarel! They are so derpy and lovable and wormed their way into my heart to become my main focus of Pokemon collecting! I am always looking for Bidoof/Bibarel merchandise I don't have, including plush (custom or otherwise), figures, flats, pins, charms, cards, you name it! If I don't have it, or if I already have it and it's something I love so much I want two of, send me your way! I will be posting a wants list shortly.

Even though I'm a Bidoof/Bibarel maniac, I also collect other Pokemon, too many to list! For an idea of who else I collect, please view the interests box below :D

That's all for now! More to be added to the community soon~